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Kia Ora, we’re Hanmer Holiday Homes and we’ve been managing holiday homes since the late 1990’s. Each year we welcome over 8,000 families, couples or groups to our approximately 180 holiday homes in the wonderful alpine village of Hanmer Springs, New Zealand. From the economical to the extravagant, we are able to manage and present your home in it’s best light. Please feel free to read over the information below to find out a bit about us and our services. If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us for a coffee, Zoom meeting or phone call. Kia Kaha, the Hanmer Holiday Homes team.


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Rent your holiday home with Hanmer Holiday Homes and achieve an occupancy of 52.6%

*Based on Hanmer Holiday Homes average group occupancy for the year ending 28/2/2022.

Rent your holiday home with Hanmer Holiday Homes and achieve an occupancy of 52.6%

We are local and available 24/7

Never take a guests late night phone call again - our team has it covered. We are local and live in Hanmer Springs so we can attend to any property or guest needs quickly. We also have great knowledge of the area. Our office is open from 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday and 9.30am - 5pm Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays and we are available after-hours too.

We offer flexibility

We offer flexibility

You can rent your home as a short, mid or long-term investment with us and we do not limit the number of days you can utilise your home for your own use.

Guest verification

Guest verification

We like to know more about our guests and filter who enters your property to prevent any unforeseen events. We have stringent vetting systems in place when accepting/declining bookings, ensuring only the best guests will occupy your home.

Our property management services

Onboarding made easy 

We like to know more about our guests and filter who enters your property to prevent any unforeseen events. We have stringent vetting systems in place when accepting/declining bookings, ensuring only the best guests will occupy your home.

Cleaning and maintenance 

Our great in-house teams will constantly look after your home, keeping it safe, stocked, and sparkling clean. We can also provide standard maintenance on your home such as lawn mowing, chimney sweeping, rubbish removal, firewood supply etc. This means we have greater control over the services we provide.

Be everywhere guests are looking and booking 

We will list your home on all the popular booking sites such as Airbnb, and Expedia Group, as well as our own website which gets over 600 guests viewing it daily, meaning your home will get even more exposure to guests in New Zealand and across the World.

If you would like to find out more about our services, including the competitive commission we offer, and how much we estimate your property to be worth as either a short, mid, or long-term investment, contact us here.

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We have had our wee holiday home with Hanmer Holiday Homes for over 10 years now and found it a “Super Easy” way of having a home managed, especially not living locally!!

We always have raving reviews about cleanliness, which HHH’s doing, as we only come up every few months. HHH will always contact us immediately if something has broken, needs repairing etc, and we have the option to get it done ourselves, or let them sort it out. I usually let them sort it out, as it is done effortlessly, and I feel the fees charges are always fair and reasonable. Communication with them is brilliant. The staff are really lovely and professional. Personally we could not speak more highly of them.

Leona and Mark

Leona and Mark

We've had the joy of Hanmer Holiday Homes as our property manager of choice for over 10 years. Given our house was just built at that time, they have been extremely professional, respectful and proficient. As they have grown, they have kept their engaging, friendly and very helpful services to the highest standard. With our property recently valued at just over $1.2M, I only want Hanmer Holiday Homes looking after it and supporting their excellent business.



Trevor and I have been with Jason and Karryn since the took over Hanmer Holiday Homes in 2004. In this time things have improved greatly. Communication improved vastly with up to the minute technology. Homeowners are kept informed of day to day happenings. They got us through the trying COVID times managing to keep the business working. Even though Jason and Karryn have taken a step back, we have no issues with the current Manager and Staff. They are more than willing to go the extra mile to insure our homes are kept prepared ready for you to relax and enjoy a holiday away from home.

Trevor and Greer

Trevor and Greer

My name is Tony and I have been visiting Hanmer Springs for well over 50 years now since as a very young lad growing up in Christchurch my family used to come to Hanmer for the May school holidays for literally the happiest holidays ever. Many years later I now live in Ireland and my wife and I decided to invest in a holiday home in NZ and we decided that there was nowhere better to buy than Hanmer, the home of all those happy memories and to make some new ones there for ourselves when we visit and guests when we aren’t there. But who to look after it as we live 12,000 miles away? Enter Hanmer Holiday Homes.
We have been with HHH for over 15 years now and we couldn’t be happier with their service.
Thoroughly professional in every way they enable us to have peace of mind about our piece of heaven in Hanmer because we know that they care about our place and the village as much as we do. It’s much more than a service they provide, it’s a true partnership based on trust, warmth and shared values - we win, they win and most important of all the village wins because there is a 5-star quality home for people to come and stay in when visiting Hanmer and enjoy their stay every bit as much as I did 50 plus years ago and we still do today. We absolutely couldn’t do it without them. There is therefore no possible reason why you should either, whether you be a guest or owner. They’re simply the best!



When we were considering to buy the property at 5 Amuri Ave, we knew we wouldn’t live in it permanently ourselves since our jobs are overseas. So we realized we needed a very reliable manager to look after it.
The real-estate agent introduced us to Hanmer Holiday Homes. We immediately got a very good impression of HHH and we bought the property, a lovely weatherboard house on a back section with a big fenced garden.

For the past 15 years HHH has looked after our property and they have done a brilliant job. They deal with everything that we cannot do ourselves and do so professionally, friendly and in consultation with us.
We have total faith in HHH and can recommend their services to any homeowner in Hanmer Springs.

Mark and Andria

Mark and Andria

Frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of questions frequently asked by other homeowners. Feel free to have a read over the below, or if you have any other further questions, contact us below.

Traditionally, the Hanmer Holiday Homes group has achieved a yearly occupancy of approximately 50% (that is approximately 182 days per year). Some homes will be higher, and some may be lower than this average, but our objective as a company is to have every home achieving the group average.

There are three key influencing factors that tend to dictate where potential guests will choose to go:
1. Location - the closer the house is located to the center of the village, the more popular it tends to be.

2. Services - what the home has to offer in the way of facilities and services. These are some of the item’s that guests tend to look for (over and above the expected norm) and what we encourage you to supply
in your home:
- Sufficient heating including air conditioning, log fire and extra bedroom heaters
- Number of bathrooms vs number of people the home can sleep. You should try to have at least one bathroom for every five people the home can sleep.
- Lockable garage or carport
- Dishwasher
- Dryer
- Bath
- Fenced section
- Wifi Internet - preferably fibre
- Being equipped for holiday makers needs e.g. a portacot, board games, pet friendly etc

3. Price - this is usually set based upon the location and services of the home as well as how many people it sleeps, the age of the home and quality of chattels.

There are several varying factors that need to be taken into consideration when answering this question, including the size of the mortgage and how often the owners are going to use it themselves. It is fair to say that a holiday home will have a similar return to that which would be expected from a long-term rental. The two biggest benefits of having a holiday home are that the owner can continue to use it themselves whenever they choose, and the home is being regularly inspected after each tenant, so damage is minimised.

Our servicing team inspect your home after every guests. The cost is dependent on the size of the home. This cost will be in your Homeowners Agreement. There will also be costs associated with any cleaning products, light bulbs etc. that may be needed in the home. Any maintenance work we undertake on your behalf will also be charged for.

Yes, we have an insurance company who has agreed to cover anyone who joins our management group. You need to be very careful to tell your insurance company that your home is being let out for a nightly tariff, as most will either not cover it or will charge commercial rates. Our insurance company fully understands holiday home insurance requirements and provides extensive cover with affordable, domestic based, premiums.

We will do a rental appraisal on any home and will recommend a nightly tariff rate for you. This will be based on things such as location, services, number it will sleep, and how other homes of a similar nature and in a similar area are performing. This will only be a recommendation, as ultimately it is your decision.

The short answer to this question is no. If you get the location, services, and price formula right, then every home should perform equally as well as the other. We have small, simple two-bedroom homes that have very good occupancy, and we also have large luxurious homes that do too. The determining factor is how much can you afford?

We charge a 20% + GST commission on the rental component for all bookings made via our website. For all bookings made via other popular booking websites (OTA’s), they charge a commission ranging from 12.5% to 18%. We will pay on your behalf any amount in excess of the first 10%. A reduced commission of 5% is charged for private bookings where you allow friends and family to stay at your property and there is no commission charged for when you actually stay in the property.

OTA’s (Online Travel Agencies) are to some guests the preferred method of booking trips and accommodation. They offer broad choice, convenience, speed, value and security to travelers. Currently we list all opted in homes on Airbnb, and Expedia Group. Every guest who stays in a holiday home, but books through an OTA, will receive a full paid clean, linen and bedmaking as part of their rate. Prior to joining the Hanmer Holiday Homes family, you will be asked if you would like to opt out of the OTA’s and just keep your home on the Hanmer Holiday Homes website exclusively.

We inspect the home after every tenant (this includes private bookings you may have made for family and friends). The only time we will not inspect the home is when you occupy your property. This is to protect the company in the case of any liability issues and to give us peace of mind and accountability for the next incoming tenant. We endeavour to do this inspection as soon as practically possible after the tenant’s departure. With the number of homes we have, it may sometimes take some days for this to happen.

If you do not wish to look after the lawns and gardens yourself, our maintenance team will happily take care of these for you. A word of warning - lawns grow incredibly quickly during the spring/ summer season in Hanmer, so be prepared to have them cut weekly during peak growing time.

We have a small maintenance team who will happily take care of any minor issues when they come to our attention. Should the job require a more skilled tradesman or service provider, or if it is likely to be an expensive job (over $100.00), then we will make contact and advise you of the situation and seek your permission to proceed. The maintenance is charged out at a very competitive rate (see Homeowners Agreement).

Our maintenance team will carefully monitor the weather. If the threat of hard frosts is evident, they will turn off and drain the water from your property when unoccupied to minimise any risk of damage. Our maintenance team will also do their best to keep access to your home clear of snow and ice.

Yes, they do, and you can view them on our website here:

As part of our terms and conditions, tenant insurance is automatically added on to any bookings made with us. This covers tenants for any accidental damage to the home or property up to $2,000.00 with no excess. This costs the tenant $5.00 per day, up to a maximum of $20.00. This is intended to cover costs such as broken glassware, crockery, or windows, carpet stains, holes in walls, lost keys etc. Any damage caused intentionally is not covered by Tenant Insurance and Hanmer Holiday Homes will seek reimbursement of any and all costs relating to repair or replacement.

Yes, we do. When guests book with us they are required to state why they are staying with us and must be over 20 years of age. If a guest says they are coming for a 21st birthday party, hen or stag do they will not be permitted. If we have further questions when screening guests, we will phone them to clarify exact reasons for their stay.

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